Tyre Industry

This is our core business – the area in which we possess the greatest amount of applications and realisations. We cover the whole production chain for the realisation of tires, from the mixing rooms to the pre-warming lines, from the extrusion lines for the tread band to the realisation of the bead wires. We have acquired vast experience in the production of both textile and metallic semi-finished products, which together with cutting and splicing the plys are part of the preparation of the materials for the Tire Building Machine. An essential stage of tire production is its building. AP2 has gained valuable experience in the building machines of tires for motorcycles, motor scooters, cars, trucks and agricultural vehicles.

Our experience is further enhanced by the dimensional checks performed on finished products.

Calenddering Lines

The calendering of the rubber is an industrial process that foresees a plastic deformation to produce sheets of material. The workmanship is done in machines (calender) composed by rolls in parallel aces, with distance adjustable, and rotating at specific speed; it consists of making to pass mixes of rubber not vulcanized among the couples of rolls to get sheets or plates of the wanted thickness. To the calendering process it can also be placed side by side the process of coupling that foresees the rubbering of material (CORD) textile rather than metallic. The process is regulated by numerous variable, besides a precise master reference, like gap among cylinders, bending, temperatures, pressures. AP2, in addition to the system of automation for calendering lines based on different platform, has developed a system of supervision (HMI) that allows, through a graphic interface completely customizable, the accurate control of all the necessary parameters. The HMI is complete with a powerful system for the management of the recipes and a tool to hold under control the maintenance of the plant.

Semi-finished Lines

AP2 can claim a lot of projects regarding lines for the semi-finished products for the rubber market including the Prewarming Lines, the Extrusion Lines for the production of tyres tread, Innerliner Lines, Roller Head and also Cord Metallic Mill Lines. As usual, also for these project AP2 is able to supply the complete system of automation from the hardware to the software PLC and HMI based upon the main platforms and under the final customers requests.

Tires Building Machines

The considerable experience gained from the AP2 team over the years is mainly express on the realization of the automation of the machines dedicated to the building of the tyres for motorcycles, motor scooters, cars, trucks and agricultural vehicles. The more so in this market, where the know-how is a fundamental aspect for the final product, AP2 does not replace the mechanical builder but is able to suggest the most advanced technology to achieve the target to optimize the cycle times, the positioning precision and in general the productivity of the process.

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