Textile & Finishing Lines

Alongside the coating sector is that of textile finishing, which is traditionally well rooted in Northern Italy.
Our production includes electrical equipment for the automation of machines for embossing, calendering, drying (thermal oil , gas and electric ovens), the accurate unwinding and rewinding of semi-finished textiles and coupling for the formation of multilayer products. AP2 also boasts specific experience in the implementation of control systems for stenter frames, for textiles and other uses.  In this context, of particular importance is the knowledge of the various processes that AP2 has acquired over the years, which allows us to optimise the resources employed and obtain high level performance and quality.

Fiberglass Line

The plants for the impregnation of media-based glass fibers are used for the production of a very wide range of articles, from the military (bulletproof vests), construction (sound absorbing panels) and diversified (grinding disks).

Printing Line

Lines for printing, embossing and smoothing calenders complete the production lines. The control of pressure, temperature and speed control multi-axis are carried out with algorithms of proven effectiveness.

Gas and electric oven

It is absolutely necessary that the realization of drying of the coated or impregnated material is realized with high precision and with constant temperatures to avoid the formation of irregularities or defects.

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